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Product Information:

Frozen Treats Snow Cone Machine

Makes 72 8oz Icy Treats

Our Frozen Treats Snow Cone Machine is the best for those hot summer days. This is our most popular item during the summer. we supply cones and syrup for up to 20 guests. but we DO NOT SUPPLY ICE! Our snow cone machine is on wheels to make convenient for customers to tailor their needs.

! We strive for excellence in everything we do! This inflatable like all of our units undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitizing process after each booking.

To book Our Frozen Treats Snow Cone Machine check the availability and click book! If you have any questions about this or any other inflatables or services we offer give us a call 4704629833 or 4705347319

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


  • Additional 20 Servings Syrup + ConesFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Additional 20 Servings Syrup + Cones1

    Each Additional Flavor Serves 20.

  • BananaFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Banana1

  • BlueberryFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Blueberry1

  • CherryFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Cherry1

  • grapeFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:grape1

  • Lemon LimeFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Lemon Lime1

  • Pina ColadaFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Pina Colada1

  • Root BeerFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Root Beer1

  • StrawberryFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Strawberry1

  • Tigers BloodFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Tigers Blood1

  • WatermelonFrozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Watermelon1

  • Complimentary Syrup+Cones (Serves 20)Frozen Treats Snow Con Machine rental:Complimentary Syrup+Cones (Serves 20)11Complimentary Syrup+Cones (Serves 20)

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